Your Guide to Australia's Energy Transition

Enlit brings together the entire industry to connect and shape the world’s energy future.

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Karl Rábago

Texas Grid Collapse
Hear Karl Rábago address the underlying reasons for the Texas crisis; the short and long term challenges that resulted; the unfair blame placed on wind generation and the lessons learned.
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Interview Series
Episode 19

Mega Trends in the Retail Sector
David Prins, one of Australia's leading consultants provides in-depth insights into electricity retailing and the efforts of the industry to rebuild the trust of an engaged customer.
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February Webinar

Accelerating Innovation in Electric & Water Utilities - Introducing the TIBCO Responsive Digital Operations Room
In this 45 minute webinar, TIBCO will show how Water and Power companies can innovate through real-time, data-driven, challenges. This will include both case studies and a live demo of the new TIBCO Responsive Digital Operations Room.
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Enlit Australia is your inclusive guide to the energy transition.

From source to generation, from grid to consumer, the boundaries of the sector are blurring and this evolution is being shaped by established players, external disruptors, innovative start-ups and the increasingly engaged end-user.

Enlit Australia will bring all of these people together to seize current opportunities, spotlight future ones, and inspire the next generation to participate in the journey.

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Your Inclusive Guide to the Energy Transition


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