Enlit Australia Digital Series

Webinar presented by Oracle Utilities

DER Revolution
09 April 2021
Overview: Distributed energy resources (DERs) are estimated to be in the top three areas of new generation investment. This webinar will focus on the growing importance, critical issues, and development of DERs in the Australian energy space.

Interview Series - Ep.20 with John Grimes

Utility Scale Solar and the Australian Market
23 March 2021
Overview: John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council provides a sweeping and comprehensive review of big solar including growth projections, opportunities beyond stationary electricity and the challenges of managing waste streams from large scale solar.

Interview Series - Ep.19 with David Prins

Mega Trends in the Retail Sector
03 March 2021
Overview: David Prins, one of Australia’s leading consultants provides in-depth insights into electricity retailing and the efforts of the industry to rebuild the trust of an engaged customer.

Webinar presented by TIBCO

Accelerating Innovation in Power and Water Utilities 
23 February 2021

Overview: In this webinar brought to you by TIBCO, learn about Accelerating Innovation in Power & Water Utilities, Introducing the TIBCO Responsive Digital Operations Room.

Interview Series - Ep.18 with Mike Davis

Bio Energy and Distribution Networks
9 February 2021
Overview: Mike Davis, Innovation Manager at Jemena, discusses how distribution networks can create carbon neutral solutions from bio waste.

Interview Series - Ep.17 with James Tipping

The Role of New Zealand’s electricity Authority
28 January 2021
Overview: James Tipping discusses the role of New Zealand’s Electricity Authority and its efforts to provide affordable and reliable power.

Interview Series - Ep.16 with Glenn Wood

Telecommunications: New Frontier in the Network Industry
13 January 2021
Overview: TransGrid discusses how the NSW transmission company is building a telecommunications business based on the organisation’s customer oriented approach.

Interview Series - Ep.15 with Thomas Briault

Decarbonisation and the Role of Hydrogen
4 November 2020
Overview: Thomas Briault, Energy Leader, Arup discusses the role that hydrogen will play in grid firming, generation, and decarbonisation.

Webinar presented by Smart Energy Water

Building Superior Customer & Workforce Experiences for Energy Providers & Water Providers
22 October 2020
Overview: Expert panellists address the fight on the twin battle fronts, customer Experience and Service Delivery in this webinar presented by Smart Energy Water.

Interview Series - Ep.14 with Kumar Padisetti

Are Executives Asking the Right Questions?
20 October 2020
Overview: Kumar Padisetti, Partner, Deloitte Australia details what questions executives need to be asking as the energy transition gathers momentum.

Interview Series - Ep.13 with Jolyon Orchard

The Potential of Large Scale Solar
6 October 2020
Overview: Jolyon Orchard, CEO of Luminous Energy discusses the potential of large scale solar in Australia, as well as the challenges and issues of connectivity.

Interview Series - Ep.12 with Maia Schweizer

Generation Trends in Queensland
22 September 2020
Overview: Maia Schweizer, CEO, CleanCo Queensland discusses the vision of the company, particularly as they relate to decarbonisation.

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