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Intercel is an Australian owned company, specialising within the design and manufacturing of industrial modems and routers for M2M and IoT services. Incorporated in 1988, we have had over 30 years’ experience within the M2M and IOT space enabling us to provide our customers with a wide option of products to select from to meet your business and customer needs.

With the adoption of the latest cellular technologies and protocols such as 3G/4G, CatM1 and NBIOT, Intercel is continuously researching and developing new and innovative technologies to integrate into our products, ensuring customers always have access to the latest technologies within this rapidly evolving industry. Intercel has also opened a new product line within the Connected Home domain, ensuring customers can benefit from the latest trending technologies and services within the smart home space.

Intercel pride themselves on experience, product quality and development, innovation and customer service support. We have made it our highest priority to maintain continuity and deliver our customers with cutting edge technologies and services within the M2M and IOT industry.

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