Sieyuan Electric

Stand : C27

Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of electrical equipment with 50 years of manufacturing experience specialized in R&D of electric power technology, equipment manufacturing and engineering services. Since its listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2004, the company is developing steadily by 30% compound growth rate every year and added new contract orders of 7.48 billion yuan in 2018. Sieyuan has been honoured these titles of National Key Torch Plan High-tech Enterprise, China Energy Equipment Top Ten Private Company, Innovative Company in Shanghai etc.

Sieyuan continues to expand the industrial chain, at present, the group has more than a dozen manufacturing entities, distributing in Shanghai, Rugao, Changzhou, Nanjing, etc. The product is covered in the field of ultra-high voltage、 high voltage switchgear, transformer, relay protection and automation system, reactive power compensation device, measuring and monitoring device, power electronics equipment and vehicle electronics. Sieyuan Electric is a smart manufacturing company attaching great importance to independent innovation research and development, having a modern scientific management concept, and continuing to build automated production lines.


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