Managing Customer Engagement and the Network in the New Paradigm

Network companies are faced with daunting new challenges revolving around issues of customer engagement and issues such as network management, demand/response and asset management have emerged rapidly in the current environment.

Join us at this special Webinar and Q&A brought to you by Smart Energy Water and presented by Enlit Australia.

Investing in Early Stage Energy Startups

Gain insight into early-stage startup investing in the clean energy sector at a Startupbootcamp webinar and Q&A presented by Enlit Australia and Initiate.

We will explore real-life content ranging from sourcing top startups, understanding the investment opportunities, valuations and key metrics, running due diligence, and types of investment structures.

Unlocking the Potential of Hydrogen in APAC

Hydrogen is forecasted to play a key role in a clean, secure and affordable energy future. But how bright is its future in APAC?

Watch the recording of the webinar and explore the burgeoning potential of hydrogen throughout the Asia Pacific region and Oceania and its role in the energy transition at a special webinar and Live Q&A presented by Enlit Asia and Enlit Australia.

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