Building of New and Stronger Customer Relationships: Lessons from Simply Energy

As energy providers charge through their digital transformation journey and set out on the road to achieving net-zero objectives, they need lessons from industry pioneers who have trodden the path and emerged successfully off it. We hear from one such leading energy retailer – Simply Energy and learn more about their customer experience transformation journey in this session.

Known for its progressive strategies in the industry, Simply Energy recognised that embracing digitalisation and imbibing customer-centricity at its core is crucial to achieving sustainability goals.

Being one of the fastest-growing energy providers in Australia since 2005, they invested in digital solutions to understand how their customers behaved, empower them with tools to manage their energy use and deliver a superior customer experience.

Join the session and explore how the energy retailer reinvented its customer engagement strategy. We will investigate how Simply Energy has built stronger relationships with its customers and what energy providers can do today to achieve long term goals.

Learn from the experts how to perfect multichannel communication, establish meaningful customer engagement, deliver superior digital CX and build systems that promote energy sustainability.

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March 17
2:15 pm - 2:45 pm

Enlit Australia Leadership Summit

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